Lua 5.1 Package Compatibility for Lua 5.0


The Package Compatibility (Compat-5.1) is a set of files which provides an implementation of the Lua 5.1 package model to be used with Lua 5.0. It can be used by developers of Lua and Lua/C packages as much as by users that want to use those packages.

Compat-5.1 is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.0.


Current version is compat-5.1 release 5 (following Lua 5.1). It was developed for Lua 5.0.


Compat-5.1 can be downloaded from its LuaForge page. There you can also find the previous versions of Compat-5.1.


Release 5 [02/Mar/2006]
Release 5 follows the implementation of Lua 5.1 beta and final, and corrects some implementation bugs found on Release 4:
  • swap the order of C and Lua loaders from "preload", "C", "Lua" to "preload", "Lua", "C"
  • added the package.seeall function
Release 4 [08/Jul/2005]
Release 4 follows the implementation of Lua 5.1 work 6 and corrects some implementation bugs found on Release 3:
  • Field _M added to namespace created by function module, refering to the namespace itself.
  • Internal lookup on tables (function getfield) uses rawget instead of normal indexing.
  • Lua-C stack cleanup in function luaL_module/luaL_openlib.
  • The Lua file was adapted by Tomás Guisasola to work with the VEnv library.
Release 3 [20/May/2005]
Release 3 follows the implementation of Lua 5.1 work 6. The release 3 differences are relative to the implementation:
  • Tables package and package.loaded are linked to functions require() and module() so that there is no way to change these tables per se, only its fields.
  • Function require() uses a list of loaders which are functions responsible for trying to load a module. Table package.loaders store these functions.
  • In Lua 5.0 all C functions share the same environment (which is obtained with the call getfenv(0) in Lua), while in 5.1w6, each C function has its own environment, which is the perfect place to store data. This way, C-upvalues became useless (they could be stored in the environment) and are deprecated.
Release 2 [23/Dec/2004]
Compat-5.1 release 2 fixes some bugs and misconceptions. It was based on the implementation of Lua 5.1 work 3.
Release 1 [29/Oct/2004]


Compat-5.1 was designed and implemented by Roberto Ierusalimschy. The pair of C source and header files were coded by Diego Nehab.

Release 5 was completely reimplemented by Tomás Guisasola, according to the changes added to the package model of Lua 5.1.

Compat-5.1 is distributed and maintained by the Kepler Project which holds its copyright.

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